WNDRLND is so excited to be the ‘looking glass’ into some of the most unique emerging and established independent jewellery designers and open the world of hidden treasures to you. Our marketplace model inspires and allows you, the style-savvy shopper, to buy those unique treasures direct from the carefully selected jewellery designer talent. We search high and low to discover those hidden gems and place them all in one destination – go on have a browse and see what treasure you can own. With UK postage free on items over £50, it is so easy to just own a little piece of  a ‘must have’. Don’t forget to send your most fab picture wearing the purchased item and have a chance to be the style setter of our Instagram wndrlnduk. We really are the one-stop global online cache for uncovering those “where did you get that” moments.


Jewellery has always been a way of life for me, Gillian, founder of WNDRLND. It started at a very early age. Growing up in Scotland I took to playing with my Gran’s “treasure chest” (her jewellery box). I was an inquisitive child (some would say downright nosy!) and it was filled to the brim with both unusual and statement pieces of costume jewellery. Gran was a huge influence in honing my love of jewellery. Costume jewellery was treated as an art form and even used to decorate her home. From this nurturing background, and the formative years of playing “dressing up”, jewellery gradually evolved into a full time way of life for lucky old me…

My infatuation initially fuelled a career as a jewellery and accessory buyer, giving me the opportunity to travel the world discovering unique, aspirational and talented designers. As a result, my eclectic personal collection of jewellery grew. Often strangers would approach me in the streets to comment on the statement piece I happened to be wearing at the time. Trying to explain to people where the jewellery was from, and that the designers were based in far away locations such as New York, Hong Kong and Dubai (although some of my favourites are home grown talent), I soon recognised the love for hidden gems was out there, everywhere. This became my inspiration to create a one-stop shop where all of these unique designers from all over the globe could be united, within an online community where a love and passion for jewellery could be shared.

Jewellery credit: Choker – Joanna Bury, Ring – The Alkonost

Make up credit: Reena Bass –  Instagram: @reenabassmua