jewellery tlc

There is nothing that brings a smile to our faces than finding that piece of jewellery that makes us feel fabulous. Hand made with love by only the best jewellery artisans, the treasures showcased on WNDRLND are built to last. With a dash of TLC and a sprinkling of attention you can keep your jewellery’s sparkle and ensure it looks as awesome as you do.


We know it’s a challenge because you want to wear on all occasions, however best to remove your jewellery when:

  • In contact with water. For example showering, swimming, housework like doing the dishes (ppositively encouraged to wear while watching someone else do the housework)
  • Working out or anything else that makes you sweat.
  • Applying lotions and potions.


Always adorn your body with your finest treasures:

  • After spraying perfume.
  • After spraying hairspray, basically wen your hair is ready to step out the door.
  • After applying cosmetics.


If you don’t have the luxury of your very own jewellery dressing storage room – how very Beverly Hills – then the best way to store and protect your treasures from damage and dirt:

  • Keep in a dustbag or the original packaging – it especially helps when some of the packaging created looks nearly as fabulous as the pieces they arrived in.
  • Separate compartments of a jewellery box to prevent scratching


Cleaning your Jewellery – well you do want it to shine!

  • Never ever use strong chemical cleaners
  • Simple everyday soap, warm water with a super soft cloth should work just fine.
  • Be extra careful with gemstones


Finally and the most important factor is to enjoy, have fun, look a million dollars wearing the stunning creations and treat every piece of jewellery as if it was a precious family heirloom, who knows some day it may just be that ….