Meet The Treasure Maker

The Alkonost

Posted  11th July  2017

Photo credit: Nicole Gomes @nicolemgnomes


“The Alkonost, according to Russian mythology, is a creature with the body of a bird but the head of a beautiful woman. She makes sounds that are amazingly hypnotic.” Just like the handmade treasures created by Kimberley Dawn the founder behind The Akonost, they are hypnotically beautiful. In a world of fabricated jewellery Kimberley understands the value of craftsmanship which is projected through her raw refined designs. Encouraged by he need to find her creative calling in life to where the brand may evolve, Kimberly allows us a small insight into her personal story behind the brand.

1. Allow us into your looking glass and tell us how jewellery design became your passion?

My passion and love for jewellery came from a time of soul searching. Things just weren’t quite right in my life and I was craving more, longing for a drive for something that meant more to me; I was in need of something where I could truly express myself. My best friend is the one who suggested I give jewellery design a try….what is that saying?…’a true friend knows you more than you know yourself.’ She was obviously right and now I am happy and have found my passion in life. Surround yourself by good people and you will continue to be inspired.

2. How did your brand name ‘The Alkonost’ come about.

Whilst building the brand, birds were a prominent aesthetic of my work. I have always been drawn to the symbolic characters, legends and tales surrounding birds and what they stand for.

‘The Alkonost’ comes from Russian mythology, the tale being of a creature with a woman’s head on a bird’s body. Her beautiful sounds and nature come to the world to deliver a message of hope and freedom. She is the counterpart of a siren, good not evil.

My friends often call me ‘The Kimmy Bird’, due to my characteristics – I feel like I have found strength and freedom in the brand itself, which is why ‘The Alkonost’ is the perfect name for my company and values.

3. If there was no need for jewellery (heaven forbid) what do you think your profession would be?

Realistically, I would have become a hairdresser…but as this is in another lifetime…I would have loved to have been a travel blogger. There is nothing more inspiring than seeing the world and it’s beauty and to just simply explore!  It can become easy to stay stuck in one spot, and forget how life can move so quickly past you.

4. You live in a house with two other very creative people, what do you disagree over?

Who we like best in ‘Love Island’!

5. If you had a super power what would it be?

To fly.

6. What does jewellery mean to you?

Jewellery has always been special to me as it provokes a meaning of a certain place and a certain time – and has a very nostalgic value. I feel it exudes your own sense of style and presence and can sometimes say things words can’t. It is nice to have something that is timeless, and that can be a memory kept close to you always.

7. Do you have a favourite piece of jewellery from your current collection? 

The ‘Eyes of Heaven’ adjustable choker is my favourite piece to wear. It gives me a sense of empowerment with its statement and distinctive design. I love wearing the gold plated version on these beautiful summer days; it really catches people’s eyes in the sunlight.

The Micro Beak set is what I usually wear day to day – it is easy to wear but it still gives The Alkonost edge to any outfit.

8. Is there anyone you would love to see wearing your edgy bird skull designs?

I would love to see FKA Twigs wearing my designs. She has a strong artistic vision with bold and beautiful traits that I really admire.

9. Which Alice in Wonderland character would suit your style of jewellery and why?

That is a tricky question! I would have to say the caterpillar. Although he appears to be quite a dark and shady character to begin with, he is actually the first person to advise and help Alice on her adventure. He shows her the depths of her imagination and that change isn’t always a bad thing as she changes size whilst eating the mushroom to help her grow. The Caterpillar eventually metamorphosing into a beautiful butterfly – I think this symbolism of showing strength to transform suits ‘The Alkonost’ feel. I can imagine The Caterpillar stylishly smoking whilst wearing the Vestige Claw Rings from The Alkonost collection on the mushroom bed…and helping Alice find her way

10. Last but not least where do you see the brand evolving?

I would love the brand to evolve through blogging and expanding into more trade shows over the next few years. But I see life as an unpredictable adventure; who knows what will happen?…so watch this space and see the Alkonost fly!

WNDRLND would like to thank the edgy statement making talent, The Alkonost for allowing us to step inside her personal jewellery looking glass and sharing her interesting story. Also a special thank you to coveted fashion photographer Nicole Gones for allowing WNDRLND to use her shots, although I really hope she doesn’t mind that we took creative licence and altered the scale of some of them.
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