Thinking about selling but still got a few questions rattling around?  Here are some of the most frequently asked questions …we hope these help you to join the revolution:


1. Can anyone join the WNDRLND revolution?

To safeguard reputations we use a fairly rigorous curation process to select our showcased designers. We only invite professional jewellery designers with the most uniquely fabulous styles. We admit we do miss the occasional gem, so if you haven’t been approached, do feel free to get in touch and show us what you’re made of. All you have to do is fill in the Designer Application which includes submitting images for WNDRLND to review. Once approved you will be invited to set up your boutique. Then you can start selling.


2. How does it all work?

Upon joining the revolution, designers are presented with a boutique on the WNDRLND platform. This is your baby, housing your branding banner, a small antidote about your brand and crucially, your treasures – ready to be seen, admired and purchased.


3. Who deals with the shipping?

We drive the sales and you deal with the shipping. There is the opportunity to ship next day delivery or ship your treasures overseas – again, this is your boutique and you decide what works for you and the cost. All we ask is that all items are shipped UK to UK 1st class Royal mail for items under £50 and Royal mail Special Delivery guaranteed for items over £50.


4. Building my boutique was easy peasy, what now?

It’s so very, very simple. You have your own unique password to the back end of WNDRLND. This is where you manage your boutique with images, descriptions, stock, branding etc. All the information you need on your treasures and their status is there.  But we are always here to help you if you need it.


5. So I have my own boutique, now I can do what I like?

Well yes, sort off, we do supply Designer guidelines which help keep consistency on the site so our customers keep coming back. But you have control where it matters and can upload as many pieces as you like, price them to your heart’s content, change your branded image whenever you need to and manage your own stock levels.


6. Yippee I’ve received an order, now what?

As soon as your customer falls in love with your treasures and makes a purchase, we handle the payment and send you an email immediately, with all the shipping details along with the shipping method chosen. You are able to log into your boutique personal page to review the order and ship directly to your customer.


7. Down to the nitty gritty, how do I get paid?

We do genuinely care about our carefully selected designers. Without you we don’t have a business and we know how tough it is out there. Which is why we don’t charge a membership fee or a joining fee. Once an order has been fulfilled, we issue payment directly to your Paypal account or bank of choice if no PayPal account. Once the order has been marked as ‘Shipped’, we hold payment for 15 working days, just to make sure there are no returns and refunds required. (With your fabulous creations? We know, the cheek of it! But it does sometimes happen). Before payment is issued it goes into a queue and payment is transferred to your account on every 1st and 15th day of each month.


8. Not that I expect returns, but please advise how refunds work?

As a designer in charge of your boutique you will have already set your guidelines with regards to refunds or returns. All we ask is that all designers offer a full refund, providing your customer requests it and returns the piece within 14 days of receipt, directly to you.


9. So what’s in it for me?

Good question. Most importantly the percentage of RRP. As you’ll be aware, the men in suits take a whopping chunk of your profit when selling wholesale, usually a massive 65% of the RRP. How fair is that?! We ask for a much more palatable 25% commission + VAT and don’t charge a set up or rental fee (mind bogglingly, some online companies charge this as standard!). WNDRND drives the traffic though various forms of marketing and you keep the majority of the profit when the sales come in.


10. Do I have to sign any contract?

We don’t have a contract as such, however, like most websites, we ask you to agree to the Designer Seller Agreement.


∗ UK sellers subject to VAT on commission