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Loveness Lee, Patination, Kawaakari, Grey Blue Olive, front
Loveness Lee, Patination, Kawaakari, Grey Blue OliveLoveness Lee, Kawaakari


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Kawaakari: A Japanese word for the gleam of last light.


This is the smallest, humblest design in my ring collections. Just like the flickering, vulnerable gleam of last light, it is short – almost gone in the blink of time. Its beauty might seem temporary, but it will remain fixed in your memory forever. Kawaakari is unpretentious and modest in style, and the perfect partner for a simple chic dress or jumpsuit, the ‘cherry on top’ of an already elegant outfit. On the other hand, it makes an ideal ‘signature’ ring for men.


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Gold Plated Bronze, Bronze


Grey Blue Olive


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  • Loveness Lee

  • Loveness Lee is a contemporary British jewellery brand for women with a daring attitude to style. The jewellery is handmade in London using altered, ancient jewellery techniques and traditions. Natural forms, vivid hues and irregular textures define the brand’s unique and statement style. Serendipity plays a big part in the design process as the shapes, colours and textures - although consistently recognisable - cannot be pre-determined. The ‘Trans-natural’ concept behind the jewellery is envisaged from a collaboration between nature, science and art working in unison. Using a skilled process of cuttlebone casting and patination, Loveness Lee manipulates traditional techniques to create naturally free-formed shapes and textures; these are then meticulously hand-treated to coax an array of bright pigments and patterns. The extraordinary creation process makes each piece of Loveness Lee jewellery as unique as the woman who wears it.
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