Yes we all go through the “I love that ring”, “oh no what size am I?”. Well there are a few ways to measure your ring size, one option is to print the size guide below. Make sure your settings don’t scale the image, so it prints the exact size, before you cut make sure it measures correctly. Cut around image then cut a small slot at the dotted line just after the arrow.  Feed the end the end through, place your finger in the hole, pull till it touches the diameter of your finger, read the size and ‘voila’ this should be your ring size.



Or alternatively print the size chart below, again make sure your settings don’t scale the image. Place your ring over the sizing circles. Be like Goldilocks (& the three bears) until you find the size that matches, when your ring circumference just covers the black ring of the size circle.



Or go old school, cut a piece of string, wrap it around your finger then mark with a pen where the string overlaps. Measure the string in millimetres (mm), then compare to the diameter sizes above. Although one word of advice, when you go to measure make sure its not a chilly day and your hands are cold. Room temperature is the best to get a more accurate reading.


Please note all the methods above are just a helpful guide and WNDRLND can not be held responsible for any size issues resulting from using any of the methods.