United Kingdom (UK)

FEIHEFEIHEFEIHE is a fashion accessory brand founded by jewellery and eyewear designer Fei He, who is keen on exploring various materials and techniques to realize multiple functions. He believes it would be a world of androgyny had there been a Utopia, therefore all FEIHEFEIHEFEIHE accessories are suitable for all genders. FEIHEFEIHEFEIHE values the joy and changes accessories bring to wearers, physically and psychologically. The diverse design of function allows wearers to ornament their bodies in their own way. Each piece is exquisitely made by hand and well balanced between beauty and edginess, offering a fresh sensation to us all. Established in 2018, the brand instantly built up its reputation with a striking series of modern eyewear which then got published on magazines such as VOGUE Italia, Fucking Young, KALTBLUT, PANSY, Dark Snow etc. After a successful debut at Milan and Paris Fashion Week, our next step is to introduce FEIHEFEIHEFEIHE to a wider audience, along with constantly bringing out innovative and unique designs.