Harriet Morris

United Kingdom (UK)

Harriet Morris makes dynamic silver jewellery guided by a hands-on making process. The pieces are one of a kind and small editions, made by Harriet and craftspeople local to her home in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. Her first body of work, The Built Collection has just launched in Mexico City at Caravana Americana international design fair and will come to London for Top Drawer in January 2017. The Built Collection is designed with individual silver units, brought together with heat and solder to create disorderly, shimmering clusters. Mexico City, in its unregulated patterns of building and growth has an energy that Harriet aims to catch in her work. Just as the forces of human life guide the chaos of the city, so the heat of the torch guides the silver units to jostle into place. The Built Collection celebrates the beauty of chaos to become dynamic jewels for the bold.