United Kingdom (UK)

Founded in 2016, RUDDOCK Jewellery uses traditional methods to create modern day pieces, aspiring to a bold , yet elegant aesthetic with simplicity fundamental to the core. Handcrafted using the traditional jewellery making technique of lost wax casting, a process by which a duplicate metal sculpture is cast from an original hand carved wax sculpture. All of the unique jewellery in the RUDDOCK collection is handmade to order and finished in London’s Hatton Garden. Where possible utilising recycled materials to minimise environmental damage. Sarah Ruddock started her namesake jewellery line whilst working as a fashion buyer, unable to find the exact piece she had in mind Sarah embarked on a silver smithing course and began creating her own jewellery line. Since then she has continued to design for herself in the first instance in a bid to protect the personal handwriting of the brand. Inspired by modernist design, nature and understated beauty, Sarah also holds a fascination for the mythological ideas of jewellery to holding power, to be worn as an armour for healing or protective qualities. Combining these interests produces collections that focus not only on he modern and bold, but also strength and empowerment.