Zolia Jewellery

United Kingdom (UK)

Can jewellery be a form of sculpture or can sculpture be a form of jewellery? This is the main idea that Zolia Jewellery flirts with. Wearable pieces of sculpture with an eccentric and quirky essence are turned into unconventional pieces of jewellery. Fluid, futuristic curves in harmony with angles and pop and surrealistic details create the unique signature. Zolia Jewellery makes jewellery for the woman and the man who is the confident, cultured and stylish. They seek individuality and want to wear statement pieces of jewellery, small pieces of art, that underline their personality. They appreciate unique style, arts and craftsmanship. Zolia Jewellery was founded in 2014, by Eleni Zolia. It is based in Birmingham Jewellery Quarter and all the pieces are made in the UK. The inspiration comes from natural elements, man made things and, of course, the imaginative world. They are getting reformed into fluid and sculptural jewellery pieces. Every piece starts from a quick sketch, taking its final form when the wax model is sculpted by hand. Then it is casted in silver, polished to the highest of standards and adorned with bright coloured precious and semi-precious stones.